May 1, 2017

Julia Lee

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Julia Lee is the author of Seven Stones (RiverPlace Press, 2015) She grew-up Southeastern Wisconsin, the fourth of five children and studied at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she graduated with a degree in Secondary English and Theatre Education. While attending college, she had several short stories published in the university literary arts magazine, The Muse. In addition, one short story, “Sea of Glass,” won first-place prize for prose in the university’s annual writing competition in 2008.

She taught high school Shakespeare and advanced composition classes until she decided to follow her heart and write. Seven Stones was a story that began as a daydream in high school and has since turned into a dream come true. When she isn’t writing, Julia can be found twisted into a variety of yoga poses, gardening, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, flying kites, reading, and embarking on adventures with her impossibly wonderful husband, Shane.

She currently resides in rural Central Minnesota where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. Seven Stones is her first novel.

Seven Stones Cover artSEVEN STONES Book Summary: Moving to Scotland is when it all starts. While Keilann had been living in Chicago, almost everything about her life had been normal. Everything is going according to plan until her father takes a teaching job in Scotland.

That’s when everything changes.

Terrifying nightmares begin to haunt her nights. And though Keilann tries to deny it, a series of inexplicable coincidences makes her consider the impossible: perhaps her dreams are not mere illusions, but a window into Scotland’s turbulent past.

The target audience for Seven Stones is young adult and older. The novel has a wide market, as readers of historical fiction, fantasy, Shakespeare, and multi-cultural novels will all find elements to enjoy. Particularly, Seven Stones will appeal to a female audience who will connect with the strong female characters who find strength and confidence by taking action to improve their lives. There is also a potential market in the high Ojibwe population in Northern Minnesota where I reside, and also in Wisconsin and Canada, which could be targeted for book sales and tours. Since very few novels have a Native American main character, this could be a great opportunity for cultural exposure into mainstream society.

Seven Stones is important to expose to readers because it will bring Native American culture and issues to mainstream American society. Not only does Seven Stones grapple with the identity-crisis that assimilation causes in Native American youths, the novel also describes the beauty and sophistication of Ojibwe art and culture.

Seven Stones is the first book to ever bring together Native American and Celtic culture. I wrote my book to compare the vast and beautiful similarities between such seemingly different cultures in hopes that my audience will see that all human beings are ultimately the same. No matter their country or even time period, all people endure the same experiences and heartaches. Skin color and language only separate us if we let them.

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“Julia Lee drives to the heart of what it means to reconnect in Seven Stones. Place, race, ancestors, and identity converge in this compelling tale, daring everyone to explore what it really means to dream.”

–Anton Treuer, author of Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask


Seven Stones will capture your imagination within the first few pages. Seeped with history and fantasy, this will be a book you will want to read in one sitting…A brilliant debut by an author who is worth keeping an eye on.”

–Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey Blog


“What a wonderful debut! Julia Lee certainly doesn’t disappoint…great writing along with a nice dash of romance make Seven Stones a spectacular read.”

–Tracey Joseph, MG/YA Lit Blogger


“Julia Lee is an exceptional and imaginative writer…This is a read that you do not want to pass up.”

–Jessica Gleason, author of Madison Murphy: Wisconsin Weirdo


What Readers Are Saying:

“The most impressive thing about this book, the thing that makes me pick it up again and again, is the fact that Julia Lee ignores nothing in her writing…There is, quite literally, something in this book for everyone. Seven Stones is not just a fantasy book. It is not just a historical fiction book. Nor is it just a Young Adult book. Quite simply and truly, this is just a good book. Everyone can enjoy it and everyone can learn from it. I give it my highest recommendation.”

–Katie Futrell, Goodreads review




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