April 21, 2018

Coffee Shop Confessions Debut Play Performance

The debut of Mary Aalgaard’s original play was performed March 2 and 3 to a sold out crowd at the Coco Moon.  The cast, made up of local actors, created an intimate evening of confessions!  A quintet singing group gathers at a coffee shop to plan their songs and discuss life, marriage, relationships, breast cancer and friendship. It is a play with music, a drama with comedy.       For photos of the performances go to http://www.facebook.com/BlueCottageAgency

The age range of the cast is 18-68 and includes:

David Allan Pundt

Laura Oldham

Joey Halvorson

Mary Aalgaard

Abbey Lou Olmsted

Katie Maine

Kate Hauble

Kimberly Dwinnell-Dillon

Guy Kelm


For information on the play you may visit Mary’s blog: www.maryaalgaard.blogspot.com

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