April 19, 2018

Bloomington Writer’s Festival and Book Fair

On Saturday I attended the 9th annual celebration of the the Literary Arts at the Bloomington Theatre and Art Center.  It was full of authors, writers, publishers and illustrators.  I attended 3 workshops, presented by Linda Anderson, Sarah Lien and Pamela Muldoon.  They were fabulous.  For authors, this event is not a great place to sell books.  I would recommend that authors should instead take advantage of the speakers and workshops.


Author Candace Simar

Author Erin Hart and Krista Rolfzen Soukup











  1. Krista
    Thank you for the very nice mention in your blog post! The Bloomington Writer’s Festival is a great event and I am honored that asked me to participate as a presenter. So glad you could attend my Authors & Content Marketing workshop.
    I agree, this event’s strength are the presentations and learning an author can receive. Well priced and great content!
    Thanks again~

    Pamela Muldoon

    • Great hearing from you, Pamela Muldoon, you are an exceptional speaker! You had great information! The event was very well organized and informative. As I was listening to you, I was thinking that all of the authors sitting at their tables should be in here right now listening to you! I think Bloomington Writer’s Festival could be marketed differently. The tables should just be supporters and resources for writers, some of which they had; i.e. publishers, cover art, publicists, editors etc., writing groups. The world of publishing is complex and the writers fair is a great resource for writers needing assistance in navigating their project and work.

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