December 16, 2018

JD March

JD March

JD March

JD March is the author of the Devil’s Own Series.  Adventurer and journalist JD March has tracked leopards in the Masai Mara, skied competitively, ridden to hounds, paddled dug-out canoes on the Indian Ocean, and is an accomplished sailor. JD has lived in a series of unusual homes including a haunted 12th century house in Cornwall in Britain and a chalet in the French Alps. But a lifelong passion for the old west means JD is happiest in the saddle, rounding up cattle on the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.  www.JDMarch.Com



Dance with the Devil First book of “The Devil’s Own” series.JD March Book 3D

Gunfighter Johnny Fierro has been hunting trouble and a reputation all his life. Left on his own in the Mexican border towns at an early age, he’s a hard, dangerous man who doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way. Fierro clawed his way to the top, but now that he’s there, he’s tired of the killings and range wars – until he hears that his father faces a battle to hold onto his land in the Cimarron Valley.

Fierro has always sworn to kill his father if he ever met the man, so this is too good an opportunity to miss. He heads north with revenge in mind. What he didn’t bargain for is a brother he never knew existed, or his father’s offer to give him a share of the ranch. While his upright, authoritarian father and Harvard-educated brother struggle to come to terms with his violent past and vicious reputation, Fierro wrestles with the unwelcome realization that his mother didn’t tell him the whole story about the past. He doesn’t know what to believe, but he has to make a choice when the bullets start flying.


10440735_840342322684132_2382597302400034721_n[1]JD March chosen as Best New Western Author 2015 by True West Magazine

“First-time author J.D. March’s Dance with the Devil is a dynamite beginning to a new series, “The Devil’s Own” from Five Star, that will have fans placing orders for volume two months ahead of publication. March’s hero, Johnny Fierro, is a conflicted gunfighter that fans of Elmore Leonard’s outlaw heros will recognize and cheer for – even when they know he’s wrong.”




Early Reader Reviews:

“DANCE WITH THE DEVIL offers a firm example of writing in the western genre. We meet all the required elements of such a tale; men of varying moral standing, the life of the ranch hand, the hot weather of a summer in near-desert conditions, and some good action scenes and adventure. The plot moves along with two lines of conflict that keep the reader involved and interested.
Author JD March describes the scenery quite well, bringing the reader into the various locations.
And so, as you ride off into the sunset, you’ll find that DANCE WITH THE DEVIL carries a good amount of the western genre in some exciting action and clearly written settings. The novel offers a good read for fans of westerns as they sit with this book in front of the fireplace and a cup of coffee on the side. ” Blog Review by Charlie Johnson

Johnny Fierro, bitter and deadly. A combination readers will love to hate.” —Monty McCord, Peacemaker Award winning author of Mundy’s Law – The Legend of Joe Mundy.

“If you enjoy an action-packed Western populated with characters you will come to care about, J. D. March’s Dance With The Devil will be one of those books that will be hard for you to put down.

The story unfolds with the main character, a gunfighter named Johnny Fierro, awaiting his hanging in a Mexican jail. Estranged from his family at an early age, Fierro grows up vowing to kill his own father who Fierro believes deserted his mother and him. Unknown to Fierro, his father Guthrie Sinclair tirelessly searched for him over the years. Add another son, Guy Sinclair, brought up in eastern high society, who must head west to his father’s ranch to escape a few indiscretions, brings to a boil an intricate family feud when all three men are thrown together as the family and ranch come under attack from outside forces. You’ll love and hate all three men and just want to bash their heads together. The story surely is an entertaining dance with the devil.

This is JD March’s first novel in the series, The Devil’s Own. I look forward to read the continuing saga of the Sinclair family. “~ Bill Markley-author of Deadwood’s Deadmen