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Blue Cottage AgencyBlue Cottage Agency is here for you. Being a successful author in today’s world can mean different things to different people. Whether you are just beginning your publishing journey or stuck on what to do next, we are here for you.  We understand the frustrations, confusion and challenges of today’s authors. You need support. We believe it is within every writers potential to find their success with the right plan, tools and effort. With years of experience in the publishing industry and supporting hundreds of authors, we are here to give YOU personalized one-on-one  support.

Download a list of our current services and prices:

Blue Cottage Agency Publicity Services 2018


Publicity and Marketing Package:  Do you have one or more books published and need to take your sales to the next level?  Blue Cottage Agency will build on what you have in place and maximize your efforts. We begin with a client questionnaire to gain insight into your target market, goals, strengths, accomplishments, and marketing preferences. We will provide an analysis of your current plan, marketing material and on-line presence including any sites, blogs and social media. Based on our analysis, we offer guidance and recommendations for developing an effective marketing strategy, tailored to your needs. This package includes a comprehensive analysis, step by step strategic plan report, 1-hour one-on-one phone consult followed by a ½ hour follow-up consult within 30 days.

Publicity and Marketing Package: $400

Premium Publicity and Marketing Consultation Package: Includes  Package plus ‘four’ (4) additional 1 hour monthly follow-up and guidance consultations.

Publicity and Marketing Premium Package: $700


“Let’s Get Started” Package:  Are you getting ready to publish your first book? Blue Cottage Agency will help you develop a strategy and marketing plan that maximizes your efforts to promote your book. We begin with a client questionnaire to gain insight into the target market and your strengths and marketing preferences.  This package includes a comprehensive step by step strategic plan report, 1-hour one-on-one consult and a checklist for creating a successful book launch.

“Let’s get Started”  Package: $300

“Let’s Get Started” Premium Package: Includes Package and four (4) 30-minute, monthly one-on-one follow-up consults to keep you going on the right track.

“Let’s Get Started” Premium Package: $400 (Save $100)


Publishing Consultation: Are you thinking of writing a book or have one written and don’t know where to begin? Is Self-publishing or Traditional publishing right for you? This one hour consultation includes discussion on your specific project, offering guidance on best options to publish your work and an understanding of the pros and cons of each. By the end of the consultation, you’ll be left with your next steps and the right expectations for your specific project.

Publishing Consultation: $100 (per hour) 


Hourly Author Support: Do you have questions regarding your book promotions? Do you need advice or want to bounce an idea off with an expert? We are available to answer your questions and guide your efforts on an as needed basis. Schedule a time that works for you.

Hourly Consulting rate: $100, 15 minute minimum, by appointment.

“I highly recommend Blue Cottage Agency services to anyone trying to promote their book and writing career.” Candace Simar, 2016 Willa Award Finalist and WWW member


Press Kit

Author Bio: We will create an author bio that highlights your brand. Includes a short and long version for use on book covers, book content, press materials, website, and social media. Includes reviewing current bio and book information and interview with client. Word count range: 100 words (short version) and 300 words (long version)

Author Bio: $125

Generic Press Release: We will create a press release that highlights your book and brand. Written in AP Style and ready for print. Formatted for accessibility on your website for media and event venues to easily download. Your press release will be easy to update for specific event, just add the details. Includes reviewing current bio, blurbs and book information and interview with client. Word count range: around 500 words.

Generic Press Release: $175

Feature Article: We will create a feature article that highlights your book and brand. Written in AP Style and ready for print. Formatted for accessibility on your website for media and event venues to easily download. Feature article will include emphasis on the book you wish to promote most heavily, information about your other book(s) and you as an author, with quotes. Includes reviewing current bio, blurb, and information and interview with client. Word count range: 700-900 words

Feature Article: $ 225


Press kit package: Includes short and long bio, generic press release and feature article.

Press Kit Package: $400 (save $125)


Author Concept, Query and Historical Research Consultation: For writers needing an understanding of basic concepts for magazine and article publishing. We provide insights into current industry and advice on queries, topics, research libraries and archives, as well as viable contacts and leads on where to publish the author’s article(s).

Research Coaching and Consulting: $150 an hour

Fact Checking:  For authors needing fact-checking service of fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Includes written report.

 Fact Checking: $150 an hour

Image Research: For authors needs images for covers and interior illustrations, we offer services that gather the public domain images, and if images that needed fees, provide guideline for access, cost, etc.  


Author Websites

Your Website is the most critical component of your publicity and marketing efforts. Your website is your vehicle to generate and expand your fan base, increase sales, announce events, make industry connections and amplify opportunities.

Author Website Consultation:  We provide an in-depth analysis on your current site, providing suggestions for improvements for building the best possible platform for long-term audience growth and sales. We begin by sending an author questionnaire to gain insight into your goals and objectives and information about your site. We will complete an analysis report and provide a one hour one-on-one consultation to discuss the recommendations and report.

Author Website Consultation: $150

Author Websites: We work with MidState Design to create an affordable, professional high quality website with proven results. Our websites are built using WordPress and include customizable content with no coding needed, premium theme and plugins, amazing social features, expert marketing and content advice, hosting, updates, tutorials and so much more.


Basic Author Website: Starting at $1500

Includes website creation, 5 Pages: Home, About, Book, Press, Contact and a blog


Monthly hosting and maintenance extra.

Pricing may vary. Bids created based on each authors project goals.

  Event Planning and Project Coordinating

Blue Cottage Agency Krista Rolrzen SoukupBlue Cottage Agency creates and implements literary events and projects for organizations. We offer workshops and classes on publicity, publishing, marketing and education for literary arts and  community organizations.


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