August 18, 2018

Seven Essentials for Platform Foundation

7 Must-Haves in Successful Book Promotion
Essentials for Platform Foundation

On-Line Class

Join literary publicist Krista Rolfzen Soukup to discover the Must- Haves of Successful Book Promotion. Learn the basic elements necessary to a build a book platform. Krista boils it down to the necessities—from showcasing your brand to amplifying your opportunities. This course gives you relevant and proven methods to simplify and improve your efforts.
Class 1: What are the key fundamentals you need to build your brand? Krista will provide the key pieces needed to brand yourself as an author. She’ll teach you the basic strategies of brand building and how to use them consistently throughout your marketing efforts.
Class 2: What are the must-have elements of a successful author website? Learn the essential website features needed to showcase your brand, generate and expand your fan base and increase sales.
Class 3: What are the essential marketing tools you need to showcase your brand? Find out which basic marketing tools you must have and learn how to use them effectively to maximize your efforts.
Class 4: What do you really need to do in social media? With floods of options in social media, what is necessary? Krista will hone it down to the essential basics of what every author needs in place to be findable and connect to maximum readers.

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